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Menu Preview / Our New Trailer / 3 Days!

Gather round, sweet teeth! Join Milky Way Shakes on our journey to bring gourmet vegan shakes and fries to the fine folks of Austin, Texas. We are just THREE days away from our Kickstarter deadline, and with over 85% of our funding accounted for, the stars are beginning to align in our favor. Help us get that final boost by pledging your support today!

From Rachel:

In our last update, my chocolate ice cream stole the show - but lately I have been whipping up all kinds of sauces, cookies, and compotes with dazzling flavors that will forever change your vegan milkshake experience! The MWS test kitchen is churning out culinary gems every day, including dried raspberry shortbread cookies, egg-free toasted meringue, and extra spicy ginger syrup. The picture above features a voluptuous strawberry shake mixed with shortbread cookie pieces, with a wave of salted caramel sauce and topped with meringue and strawberry compote. All vegan of course!

Moni has designed a lovely menu preview to give you an idea of what we will be serving once fully operational. So far, we have settled on six permanent flavors with either vanilla or chocolate bases, and are considering adding more, depending on popular demand. Two seasonal shakes will be offered at any given time, as well as a seasonal fry and seasonal ketchup. If there’s anything you’re dying to see on the menu, let us know and we will try to make it happen!

Also, for those of you with nut allergy concerns, you will be happy to know that we are planning to separate our mixing equipment for handling nut flavors and non-nut flavors to prevent contamination.

From Moni:

First off: New Orleans was a blast. Traveling with my band is my *favorite* thing to do. As soon as I got back, I resumed the hunt for a food trailer, and I found the one! Small and manageable, this beauty comes with a deep freezer, sinks, and a great amount of storage for its size:

Though it’s previously passed inspection, it’s going to need some TLC to get it back to that point. Thankfully, the problems are minor, and I have some experience dealing with them (the last truck I ran, “The Jalopy,” definitely lived up to its name). Repairs shouldn’t take too long and we’re still on track to open this spring. What exactly still needs to be done? Well..

Once we take care of some minor repairs (new water pump, remount the A/C, etc), we’ll need to outfit it for Milky Way Shakes. It comes with a deep freezer but still needs another fridge/freezer, as well as a commercial ice cream maker, shake mixer, and a deep frier for fries. Then there are ingredients, utensils, storage containers, a new paint job… We’ve got our work cut out for us.

We only have three days left on our Kickstarter campaign so if you haven’t donated or have been meaning to pledge, now is the time to do so! Every bit of support has been absolutely wonderful but we are still $1500 short of our goal. We raised that much in the first 3 days of our campaign, can we do it again? Every contribution helps, as does sharing on social media and spreading the word. Do you have a foodie blogger friend who might be interested in writing a short piece on us? Let us know!


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