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Trailer 2.0

Excellent news on all fronts at M. W. Shakes HQ this week! Construction is picking up speed, and we are quite happy that our ETA for the grand opening is now looking like a matter of weeks, rather than of a matter of months. Here's how things are looking so far:

Our sweet new wooden counters give us more room for storage and functionality. One of them will support our register at the order window, the other we are planning to modify to support a hand washing sink and our lil' fryer. We're planning to paint them with a watertight coat before introducing the plumbing.

We will also be adding some metal shelving against the wall shown above, to support our brand new fridge and freezer. Though the to-do list is still long, it's getting shorter!

Once the cabinets were installed, we vacuumed up all the sawdust and gave the place a good scrub. It's finally starting to look less like a construction site, and more like a kitchen! Of course, now we're ready to make more of a mess with our plumbing and electrical installations.

We are also excited to announce that the first official Milky Way Shakes t-shirts are here! We posted a mock up in our last update but we think they look even better in person. Huge thanks to Bumperactive for being so wonderful to work with! They are also responsible for our awesome stickers.

In culinary news, we made a lovely vegan peach rose ice cream in the test kitchen this week, with fresh roses and peaches, of course! :)

We have always been excited about the idea of using flavorful flowers in our shakes. Flowers can be tricky to cook with because they are so delicate; too much heat can destroy their distinctive aromas. But now, our wildest shake dreams are coming into fruition with the discovery of a very simple, but little known, infusion technique!

We've already experimented with a simple maceration (basically, long term soaking) process to infuse coffee into milk, with great results. Unfortunately, this can be very time consuming. However, as we have recently learned, using any NO2-charged whipped cream dispenser, one can create a potent liquid infusion using fresh ingredients (herbs, spices, fruit, veggies, pretty much anything flavorful) in a matter of hours.

The pressure created inside the container forces the infusion process to occur unusually quickly. Here's a cool article which explains the process. The technique is great for oils, liquors, and yes, milk too!

For this delicious recipe, we used fresh roses to flavor our coconut milk, which became the base of the ice cream. For our milkshake recipes, we will be using our regular vanilla and chocolate ice cream bases, but using this technique, we can infuse custom flavors into the almond milk we'll be mixing with our ice cream to make shakes!

We'll be keeping y'all posted as our darling baby trailer fully blossoms into maturity in these next few weeks. Stay sweet, and support your local dessert shops!

Much love,

Moni + Rachel

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