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A Terrific Tasting Party

Hello, supporters and friends! In our last update, we were busy preparing for our July 4 shake tasting event. We're happy to report that it was a wild success, thanks to all of your help! 

We served four of our tentative menu flavors: strawberry lemon meringue pie, mint Oreo, chocolate strawberry, and chocolate pecan pie. All were very well received, but mint Oreo may have been the favorite of the day. :)

While we were expecting a more low key party, we ended up spinning shakes from the start of the party until we sold out, which is awesome! After all the work we've put into the trailer and the party, it was wonderful to be met with so much support and positive feedback. To everyone who was able to come out and support us, we can't thank you enough. We gave out over 150 samples in total and sold almost all of our remaining T shirts.

The most valuable takeaway from the party was the experience we gained from working a day in our kitchen, with real customers giving us feedback. We learned how to improve our set up and plan on reworking a few of our recipes to better serve our needs. Mostly, it was just fun to practice being open :)

We're really looking forward to serving all of you when we open up our shop. More updates are on the way!

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