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Frequently Asked Questions

Is *everything* on the menu vegan?

Yes! Our ice cream is made in-house from a special blend of almond and coconut milk, and our mix-ins are made with non-dairy milks and aquafaba in place of egg whites. Our chewy caramels are made with coconut milk.


Can you make any of your shakes without almond/coconut milk?

Unfortunately no, all of our ice cream contains both almond and coconut.

Do you move the trailer for events?

No, not at this time, nor do we offer catering.

Which shake is your best seller?

The Oreo Borealis, with mint, Oreos, fudge swirl, and glitter star sprinkles. Our rotating specials also frequently outsell our other menu items -- be sure to check our instagram!

Is anything on your menu gluten-free?

Yes! Everything on our menu is gluten-free except for the Oreos! We get our brownies from local gluten-free soy-free bakery Pie Jacked. Occasionally our specials contain gluten but we try to offer gluten-free options whenever possible. There is a small risk of cross-contact for our super sensitive customers, but we do clean our shake spinner between every shake & do our best to be mindful of allergens.

Are your shakes soy-free?

Our Oreos & our house-made white chocolate both contain soy. Our chocolate contains soy lecithin.

What about cashews?

We use Miyoko's butter, which contains cultured cashews, in our lemon curd. We also use it for our brittles (sesame brittle, peanut brittle, etc) sometimes featured in our specials. Our toffee does not contain cashews.

What is a glitter star sprinkle / candied flower? Can I eat it?

Everything we put on our shakes is completely edible! Our candied flowers are edible viola flowers that have been coated in sugar. These are the glitter star sprinkles we use & they are mica based.

What are your meringues made with?
We use aquafaba, which you can read about here! We also use it in our house-made marshmallows.

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