Frequently Asked Questions

Is *everything* on the menu vegan?

Heck yeah! Our ice cream is made in-house from a special blend of almond and coconut milk, and our mix-ins are made with non-dairy milks and aquafaba in place of egg whites. We use coconut milk for our chewy caramels and soy milk powder in our white chocolate.


Do you move the trailer for events?

At this time we do not offer catering, nor do we move the trailer for events. Our trailer is always parked in the Spider House back patio unless otherwise stated on our Facebook.

Is anything on your menu gluten-free?

Yes! Everything on our menu is made without gluten ingredients, with the exception of our Oreos and brownies. Our specials occasionally contain gluten--feel free to ask.

Are your shakes soy-free?

Our Oreos and brownies contain soy, but everything else on our regular menu is soy-free. Our specials occasionally contain soy, but rarely--feel free to ask. Our house-made white chocolate does contain soy.

Can you make any of your shakes without almond milk?

Unfortunately no, our current ice cream recipes contain almond milk.

What is a glitter strawberry / candied flower? Can I eat it?

A glitter strawberry is a slice of fresh strawberry that has been dusted with edible glitter and dried in a food dehydrator. Our candied flowers are violas that have been coated with sugar and dried. Our glitter, glitter stars, and candied flowers are all completely edible.

What are your meringues made with?
We use aquafaba, which you can read about here

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