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☆ menu ☆

shakes available with chocolate or vanilla ice cream


Star-Berry Lemon Cloud

strawberry compote, lemon curd,

meringues, strawberry chip topper,

glitter star sprinkles

Buzz Aldrin

coffee, almond toffee,

caramel swirl

Chocolate Eclipse

gluten-free brownies, marshmallows,

dark chocolate almond bark, dark

chocolate almond moon topper,

chocolate syrup swirl

the Violet

blueberry compote, lavender,

meringues, edible flowers

Oreo Borealis

mint simple syrup, Oreos, chocolate

syrup swirl, glitter star sprinkles

Grackle Massacre

chocolate syrup, caramel, cinnamon, chipotle,

dark chocolate pentagram topper

☆ build your own ☆

plain chocolate or vanilla shake.......$5.75/$7.75

add ins

50¢: cinnamon, chipotle, edible glitter stars, lavender simple syrup, mint simple syrup

75¢: almonds, almond toffee, blueberry compote, caramel sauce, chocolate almond bark, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, coffee, lemon curd, marshmallows, meringues, strawberry compote

$1: Oreos, gluten-free Oreos, gluten-free Brownies (from Pie Jacked bakery in Round Rock)

add CBD: $1.50 per every 10mg

☆ shake specials ☆

we feature two unique shake specials a month starting on the 1st and 16th! check our instagram for updates--we're always experimenting with new flavors and dessert creations! past favorites include strawberry jalapeño, dirt and worms, peach raspberry rose, and blueberry maple pancake, to name a few.

☆ service charge ☆

We add a 15% service charge to all orders placed at the trailer, which is distributed the same way as a tip would be (additional gratuity is accepted but not expected). We don't want this charge to surprise anyone & have more information about it posted at the trailer & on our FAQ.

☆ about our shakes ☆

all of our shakes are made from a special blend of almond milk and coconut milk and are 100% vegan. we make all of our ice cream, sauces, and syrups in house. all of our to-go ware is compostable as well!

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