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The Tape Comes Off

This week at Milky Way Shakes HQ:

We are still painting! But here’s a sneak peek:

We’re obviously pretty excited about this. There is still work to be done--the trim, constellations for kickstarter backers, a more purple-y purple for the bottom--but you get the idea. Next on the to-do list: weather-proof the roof and remount the AC!

The real exciting news this week is that we let the world try our ice cream for the first time! A good friend and fellow food-truck-starter asked us to bring ice cream to her going away party. We set up a buid-your-own-sundae station with salted caramel sauce and roasted pecans and it got absolutely destroyed. This was super helpful for us because we were able to get a lot of feedback on our ice cream. Did you get to taste some? Let us know what you thought!

Anyways, short update this week folks. In between painting and introducing our shakes to the world, we have been spending our time getting t-shirts printed, weather-proofing the trailer, testing recipes, and continuing to prepare for inspection. Food truck life is busy! See y'all next week :)


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