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With A Little Help From Our Friends

What a difference a contractor (or two) makes! Since our last update, we hired some wonderful folks to help us get our trailer up to speed, and the transformation of our interior speaks for itself:

So sleek, yet humble. So smooth, but edgy... Our new shake space is so full of potential, it's hard not to skip past all the plumbing and electrical work and start decorating! We'd like to give extra special thanks to our contractors Ivan and Mario for helping us whip this trailer into shape in a very timely fashion! We couldn't have done this without you. Our walls and ceiling are looking simply fantastic. Here's a quick look at how far we've come:

How refreshing! Now that the lion's share of the trailer work is out of the way, we are enlisting another friend to install a couple of custom cabinets, since our old ones were just tragic and we had to destroy them (see before pic below):

After we install our fresh new cabinets, all that remains is plumbing and electrical hookups, and then we get to move in all our fancy shake and fry equipment! This place is a milkshake party waiting to happen!

In other exciting news, our T-shirts are being printed, and will be sent out very soon if you've reserved one as your Kickstarter reward! Check out Moni's original starlight trailer design:

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following our updates, supporting us, helping us build our trailer, and encouraging us as we prepare to open! We are very confident about the prospect of opening up this summer, just in time for Austin's oppressive heat waves to set in. We hope you're all ready for milkshake season!


Rachel + Moni

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