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New Space, New Shakes

GREETINGS SHAKELINGS Since our fabulous shake tasting party, we’ve been busy putting some finishing touches on our kitchen. Our trailer is looking spiffy this week with a new floor and additional splash guard on our hand sink. We are now exactly one water heater away from passing our inspection! The new floor is made of flexible waterproof vinyl, which will be easy to clean and it even came in this lovely wood grain: 

As for the splash guards, while a second one is not required by the health code, we want to minimize any possible contamination from having our hand sink next to our shake preparation area. Between the greens and blues of our splash guards and the wood grain on our floor, the inside of the trailer is looking fresh. 

In the mean time, we’ve continued our work in the test kitchen, figuring out which flavors work best with our ice cream and narrowing down our final menu. Among the contenders are a sweet and spicy cayenne shake, coconut pecan turtle, and pina colada. Our latest creation: a coconut pistachio shake topped with a candied flower! 

Aside from polishing up our kitchen and testing flavors, most of our preparations have been taking place in the office. We’ve done some paperwork and spent some time at the DMV, both of which were about as exciting as you can imagine (not very). Things should be picking up more in the next month. Stay tuned for updates! 

Moni and Rachel 

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