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The Paint Goes On

This week’s big news: Painting is underway! Those of you who have seen Moni’s van know that this artistic process is about 90% taping and 10% painting. We have some bright, warm colors in mind for our trailer, and this time next week we'll have a finished picture for you! In the mean time, here’s where we currently stand:

In other exciting news, we have stickers! We are still working on T-Shirts, but all of our other rewards are officially ready to pack and ship. Big thanks to BumperActive for being so easy to work with and making our stickers look so good!

In between painting and packing, we've been doing some homework on the science of ice cream. The ladies at Sweet Ritual recommended "Gelato Messina" and our copy finally came in the mail! It's full of fascinating and valuable information on different sugars, professional gelato equipment, and the differences between gelato and ice cream. While it focuses on traditional dairy-based gelato, a lot of it carries over to what we'll be doing with coconut milk. With flavors like avocado tomato corn chip gelato and peach and rose petal sorbet, it's definitely a must-read for anyone interested in making their own frozen desserts of any sort!

Stand by for Kickstarter rewards (if you're waiting on one) and stay tuned for pictures of our trailer's fresh new colors! We're also expecting a brand new fryer in the mail, and will be starting to create more of our menu items in the test kitchen this week!

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