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Milkshake, She Wrote

Hey backers, we’ll be mailing out rewards in the next couple weeks, so if you need to update your address, do it now!! You can do this through Kickstarter, or feel free to message us directly at

We have been continuing to crank out rewards for our Kickstarter backers; this week we checked some major groups off our to-do list. In addition to getting business cards printed, we made (read: hand-drew!) cards redeemable for free shakes and fries. Backers, look for yours in the mail over the next week or so!

In other exciting news, we're making milkshakes! Now that the test kitchen is done cooking rewards, we can really focus on our shake game. All the months we’ve spent crafting ice cream, caramel, syrups, compotes, meringues, and whipped creams is starting to pay off for us - if getting paid in milkshakes counts, which of course it does. Our test kitchen is finally getting up to speed and churning out delicious vegan shakes on a regular basis.

The shake making process is much easier now that we have been able to practice with all of our equipment, and of course adjusting our recipes to a larger scale. While our trailer is in the works, shake operations are going strong, and we’ve just ordered a new fridge and freezer to keep up with our storage needs as we experiment with new flavors!

For the most part, the rain’s been keeping us indoors, but on the bright side we’ve had time to redesign our website. Check out our lovely new home page here!

Construction of our floor is well underway, and we recently sealed in our new floorboards using some caulking and screws. Our next step will be to apply an additional layer of sealant to waterproof the floor, at which point it will be ready for our fancy new stick-on floor tiles. We still need to focus on renovating some of our walls and ceiling before getting excited about installing our equipment though.

While our carpenter, Rob, started sealing our floorboards, we got out the painter’s tape and prepared the outside of the trailer for a coat of white primer, which we will be applying this week. Then, we’ll have the perfect canvas for our whimsical designs!

Stay tuned to see more photos of our progress as we build our trailer and create our menu from scratch.

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