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Rewards & Floorboards

Good news, everyone! All that time in the test kitchen this weekend finally paid off; we finished making all the jams, syrups, and sauces we need for our Kickstarter backers' rewards! After we finished sealing them, we made them pretty:

We also sent our sticker designs to the printer this week! We’re getting two designs printed. Here is the larger of the two:

In addition, some of our lucky backers will be receiving a lovely postcard featuring the recipe for these delicious vegan blueberry banana cupcakes with maple walnut glaze, including an original illustration by Moni. It's a vegan adaptation of one of our favorite dessert recipes of all time, from an excellent cupcake blog called Ming Makes Cupcakes. We had to prepare them to ensure their deliciousness of course. :)

With our amazing progress this week, we are so, so close to being finished with Kickstarter rewards, and will be wrapping things up and shipping them out ASAP. If you are waiting on a reward, you will receive it within the month of May. Thank you all for your steadfast encouragement and patience, we are thrilled with the quality of the rewards and know you will be too!

In other exciting news, we got a couple good days without rain and were able to squeeze in our newly assembled floorboards, with the help of our wonderful carpenter, Rob!

After acquiring, cutting, and assembling the layers of wood, then gluing, clamping, drying, measuring, measuring, measuring, and trimming....

We now no longer have a giant hole in our floor! It's not perfect yet, since it still needs to be sealed up and waterproofed before we apply our new tiles, but it is a HUGE weight off our shoulders to finally have a solid floor to build on. This week, we are looking to start the process of sealing our floor, as well as getting a head start on painting the truck with a coat of primer so that we can re-beautify it with original designs.

If time allows, we will also start working on perfecting our shake menu! We have our permanent flavors mapped out already, but of course we are open to new and/or better ideas. Feel free to send us flavor suggestions on any form of social media, or email us at You can expect to see some test kitchen milkshake pics very soon!

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