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No Creation Without Destruction

Folks, there are some major developments taking place at Milky Way Shakes as you read this! Trailer construction is well underway, and the kitchen is churning out sweets left and right. This past weekend we embarked on our biggest construction project yet: replacing the floor.

We didn't anticipate having to do such an extensive makeover when we first bought our trailer, but as tends to happen with renovation projects, one trip to Home Depot quickly turned into seven. Though we had initially set out with the intention of installing cabinets and moving some freezers, we ended up with a plan to completely rebuild the floor, plumbing, ceiling… everything.

To all our friends who have advised us, let us borrow your power tools, ripped out our sink, helped us destroy junk, and shown your support for us during this trying transition, thank you! We could not have gotten so far without your help. Much sweat and sawdust has been shed, but the demolition derby is almost over. There's a long way to go, and a big hole in the floor, but now we are ready to construct a custom milkshake trailer, from the ground up. BEFORE:


Our carpenter, Rob, has been too tall for our trailer… until NOW!

No creation without destruction, right?​ By the end of this week we hope to have a brand new floor in place. In fact, we went out today and bought some cute floor tiles from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. And now that the roof’s patched (no leaks as of last week’s rainstorm!) we can start painting!

This week in our test kitchen, we’ve started cooking batches of salted caramel sauce for our Kickstarter rewards, and are also working with our new stand mixer to make delicious, dairy-free coconut whipped cream. The mixer will also be useful for making small batches of ice cream, especially our incredible vegan chocolate base, which Moni hasn’t tasted yet! We’re both really looking forward to being around fresh churned ice cream all the time. :)

The incredible buttery aroma of toasted coconut is probably one of the most satisfying things about preparing our vegan caramel. Soon, we'll be enjoying the smell of bubbling vats of strawberry-basil jam and ginger simple syrup, as we prepare sauces for many of our Kickstarter backers! We can't wait for you to taste them.

More sweets pictures coming next week, as we try out our new ice cream churner, shake spinner, and whipped cream charger!

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