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Milky Way Shakes LLC

We completed the first big step in climbing Paperwork Mountain, which was to file to form an LLC. This morning we headed over to the Secretary of State and dropped off our paperwork to be processed tomorrow. Though figuring out the legal side of things has been a bit of a headache (I am more inclined towards things like making milkshakes and painting trailers), it’s satisfying to have the first major step out of the way.

In other exciting news, the Imagine Tea Leaf trailer in south Austin, recently reached out to us to show their support! After stopping by for a tasty beverage last week, we are considering using their teas for some delicious shake flavors. Lately, we've been dreaming about different ways we could feature tea in our seasonal shakes. Chai spice, chocolate lavender earl grey, avocado matcha, hibiscus plum... with so much variety, it's hard to choose!

Repairs on our trailer are still underway. We are doing lots of renovations to make our limited working space as efficient as possible, which means relocating some of the plumbing and rebuilding our floor and counter spaces to suit our needs. It's a time and energy intensive process, but we are fortunate to have many skilled friends who have been able to consult with us about our construction plan.

Y’all remember we mentioned last week that we had ordered a bunch of kitchen equipment… well it came!! We spent this past Saturday setting up our test kitchen and making our first batch of vegan caramel sauce. It’s wonderful to be able to use the same equipment we’ll be using on the trailer so we can be sure we come out with exactly the same results once we open. Still on our wishlist: A fridge, a freezer, and a deep fryer.

We also ordered business cards this week! Because we’re now officially a BUSINESS! Stay tuned for another progress report next week from your friendly neighborhood shake stand. :)

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