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Building our Dream

Austin has been in the midst of a hurricane of inspiration for the past week, with an atmospheric scale of attendance at SXSW. Despite their allure, the fiercely groovy winds haven't stopped us from buckling down on trailer renovations.

We have been hard at work tearing out the old ceiling and floor so that we can customize our business from the ground up. Once we have a solid foundation, we will be able to start moving in equipment and designating spaces for prep, storage, etc. Below is a rough sketch of what we are considering for our layout:

We would also like to thank our friends Adrian and Rob for helping us plan our carpentry and plumbing projects! Having such kind and talented friends takes a weight off our shoulders.

Last Wednesday, we also attended a full-day seminar on the essentials of starting a small business from SCORE, which covered a wide range of topics, including insurance, record keeping, taxes, forming a business entity, legal basics, marketing, and commercial banking! It was a lot to take in, but we definitely feel more prepared to start our company.

On a more exciting note, we have some kitchen appliances on the way, made possible by our Kickstarter backers, thank you!! Once it gets here, we can start experimenting using the same equipment we'll be using on our truck, which is very exciting.

Since our meeting, Sweet Ritual made us some sample coconut vanilla ice cream to use in our test kitchen. We are considering using their vanilla base while we open up shop and get situated, to ease our initial financial burden. When our mixer gets here, we’ll be able to start recreating the recipes Rachel and her dad developed in Durham.

This also means we can get started on the 36 jars of jam, syrup, and sauce our Kickstarter backers ordered! If you are expecting something in the mail from us, make sure you’ve filled out your Kickstarter survey!

Until next time,


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