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THANK YOU/ Life After Kickstarter: What’s Next?

Y’all probably saw the exciting news already, but this weekend we reached our Kickstarter goal with a total of 112 backers! We are beyond excited with all the support we’ve received. We’d like to send a huge thanks to all our backers and to everyone else who’s been supportive of our project—you have been wonderful, and we could not have made it this far without you.

So, what happens next?

Y’all remember this beauty we shared with you last week:

It needs some repairs and some new equipment (fridges, blenders, a fryer), and we will be spending the next few weeks getting it ready to serve delicious vegan milkshakes. We hope to have the build out done around SXSW so we can open in the weeks following.

Another question we’ve been hearing a lot lately: Where are you going to put it? Milky Way Shakes is still looking for a permanent home, but nothing is solid yet. We would like to be somewhat central, ideally close to campus, and perhaps near some other yummy vegan food. Stay tuned for updates as we scout locations!

In addition to building our kitchen, we are also working hard on our Kickstarter rewards (designing t shirts, stickers, and making that yummy salted caramel sauce you pledged for). Expected delivery for everything is early April. We’ll be sending out surveys for your address and shirt size shortly.

In the mean time, Sweet Ritual is running a kickstarter to open up a second storefront in Austin! They only have four days left on their campaign, so check it out and help support the vegan desserts scene!

All the best,


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