Our famous meringues! Made with aquafaba and freeze-dried fruit powder, these crunchy cookies burst with flavor and melt in your mouth. Each bag contains 24 bite-sized meringues.


Note: We do have larger bags available if you'd like to cut down on plastic. Just let us know at checkout if you want your meringues bagged together -- we can fit up to 12 dozen in our larger bags.

  • Ingredients:

    vanilla: aquafaba, sugar, cream of tartar, pure vanilla extract


    strawberry: aquafaba, sugar, freeze-dried strawberries, cream of tartar, edible glitter


    raspberry: aquafaba, sugar, freeze-dried raspberries, cream of tartar, edible glitter


    banana: aquafaba, sugar, freeze-dried bananas, cream of tartar, edible glitter


    blueberry: aquafaba, sugar, freeze-dried blueberries, cream of tartar, edible glitter


    peach: aquafaba, sugar, freeze-dried peaches, cream of tartar, edible glitter

  • Additional Info:

    Meringues can be kept at room temperature and should be stored in a sealed container after opening. They are not sensitive to temperature but they are sensitive to humidity and may become sticky if left out. Crispiness can be re-obtained by putting them in a food dehydrator for a couple hours, or by toasting them in the oven at 250° until they resume their original texture. Enjoy within 30 days.

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